FTP publishing woes

FTP is a well known protocol. It's the same age as I am, being born in 1973. So why does iBlog not seem able to publish my blog to my ISPs FTP server?

It connects okay, copies over an rss file okay, then panics and asks me to look at the logs. Why doesn't it just show me the error instead? And when I do look at the log, why is it unreadable, and almost empty, containing no signs of an error?

As command line FTP is too spartan even for me, vi lover that I am, I installed a GUI to handle recursive deletes. Naturally, all the Aqua GUI ones I tried, included OS X's own Finder, were crap. Even Fugu had trouble with plain old FTP. I eventually installed AxY_FTP, an X11 tool. Looks horrible, utterly and completely horrible, but does the job.

What job? Oh, deleting my entire blog from the FTP server, so that I can reset iBlog's publish status and publish as if for the first time. Not terribly convenient really.
Still, better than Blogger usually managed!

Now, how long before this post makes it to where someone in the wider world can see it?

Posted: Sun - August 3, 2003 at 12:58 AM